MORGAN started playing guitar and writing songs as a teenager. Having reached the first of many crossroads in his then young life, he sold his guitars and, after graduating from college, went to New York to be a writer. He found modest success publishing poetry while making ends meet by waiting tables in the Village, and, later, working as a research editor and writer for a handful of Madison Avenue magazines.

Feeling as though he had reached another crossroad, he packed up his life and headed to California and now calls Los Angeles home. He had nearly given up on music and songwriting when one day, thumbing through the CD bins at Amoeba Music, he came across an old Jayhawks album he had heard about. He listened to it on the way home, and the next day he bought a cheap acoustic guitar and relearned how to play. Something in those songs lit a fire, and it's been burning ever since.

During the summer of 2010, MORGAN teamed up with Producer/singer Justine K. and guitarist par excellance R.E. King of Joe K's Kid to record tracks for a full length CD. Those sessions, masterfully captured by engineer Curt Piar of Proving Ground Studios, would form the cornerstone for Morgan's project West Coast Hearts, set to bow in early 2012. Meanwhile, he keeps writing and is ramping up his show schedule. Look for him on the road this winter.